USACA Camp Membership

What happens when you enroll in Camp Membership, you ask?

Well, even if you are currently promoting your camp in other areas, extra exposure is assured as a USACA member. The interactive directory allows you to create a camp profile to be viewed by prospective parents. Once created, you’ll be updated on your profiles views too.  In addition, USACA permits camps to post and edit jobs for prospective staff, to search job applications already posted and to communicate with the camping community through informative forums.

The USA Camping Association (USACA) is leading the way for businesses who strive to encourage children to get engrossed in seasonal camps, after-school programs, holiday retreats and more.

Our mission is not to tell you how to run your program, but to help facilitate what you need to be successful through communication and outreach. The USACA is here to help you attract more campers, find new and exciting programs and equipment, communicate with others involved in camping and to be a continuously evolving association based on the needs of our members.

Have an idea of something that could help your program? Throw them out there! We will do all we can within the USACA and if we can’t, we’ll work on adding new features as needs and request arise.

No matter how long you have been active in the camping industry, useful information from the experts will always come in handy. Relevant topics related to health, safety, tips for first-time campers, along with trending activities and produsts are constantly being posted on the forums, which is accessible to all members. You can even initiate your own topics and target them to a specific audience!

Here at the USA Camp Association (USACA), we do everything camp, and this means that as our membership options expand, so does our community, marketplace and job board.