USACA Parent Membership

What is USACA Parent Membership?

Anyone who is considered a parent, guardian or caregiver can benefit from Parent Membership through the USACA. Providing your child with the best possible opportunities, whether it’s afterschool, during summer or winter program, all starts with knowledge; being the first to know about program options that fit your child’s needs, staying up to date with relevant health & safety issues, and getting first access to new and trending products and services. Enrolling as a Parent Member gives you all of this and more: access to the online camp listings to explore program options, search and even be alerted if a product or service that you are interested in is promoted or a similar one is added, expert and parent forums for targeted discussion about health, safety and best practices and answers to other questions that you may have.

The term “Camp” typically comes with an intrinsic vision of children sleeping in a cabin or in tents, camp fires, hiking, canoeing, etc. In reality, Camps truly come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even focus.

There are day camps, residential camps, after-school camps, sports camps, academic camps, electronics camps, language camps, circus camps, skate boarding camps…you name it and there is probably a camp that concentrates on the specialty of interest. The USA Camp Association (USACA) was founded by a team of dedicated camp professionals and parents, who understand the overall benefits that a camp offers a child and who want to share their experience and expertise with other parents and caregivers. This is where Parent Membership comes in.

Searching for Camps by Interest

With 1,000s of camps in the nation, finding all of your options and then making a decision can be overwhelming if not impossible! USACA invites its Parent Members to search for camps by price, location, specialty and date. Communicate directly with the camp directors, check out their forums and discussions and when you find a camp program or camp facility of interest, you can engage in focused conversations with industry experts before signing your child up for a life-changing experience.