USACA Prospective Staff Membership

For many people who are tired of the hustle and bustle over everyday life, or for those who simply want to get in touch with nature, camp offers a unique way to make a difference and grow a resume at the same time. Here at the USA Camp Association (USACA), we encourage people from all walks of life to explore and experience a medley of camping programs. Something is offered for everyone at the USACA.  There are camp and after school programs for all interests!

Working with USACA

If you have a true passion for working with children, have you ever thought about embarking on a fruitful career in the camping industry? Covering all facets of the camp industry, we invite you to gain Prospective Staff Membership and reap the rewards associated with educating the young and filling your resume with professional teaching and coaching experience. There’s even an option to post your resume on our easy-to-use interface, allowing camps and camp-affiliated companies to get in touch with you personally.