Summer camp isn’t always just about the traditional swimming, horseback riding, campfires and sports (as much fun as those activities are). There are a variety of different types of camps available, and each camp has its own benefits for the camper. Summer art camp is no different. If your child is interested in drama, music or visual arts, an art camp may just be what they need. What can art camp give your child? Check out a few of the benefits below.

Explore Creativity & Self Expression

Not all kids are born knowing they have an inner Picasso. Sometimes it takes certain experience or environment to explore that part of a person. A week or more at summer art camp can unleash creativity that may have been previously hiding.

Kids also need some direction on the different outlets open to them for expressing themselves, be it vocally, musically or visually. The arts gives space to explore who they really are on the inside and how to safely express their feelings and thoughts through different mediums, rather than through violence, yelling, and other more harmful activities that can creep up on youth.

Balanced Curriculum

A strong skillset for a child includes a good balance between left and right brain thinking. We all know reading, writing and math are important, but these skills should be complemented with a good dose of artistic endeavors as well. In fact, studies have shown that there are definite links that exist between music training and memory. Training in the arts is more than just a fun hobby.  It can actually change the brain for the better!

It seems like whenever there is talk of school program cuts, the arts are always on the chopping block. Many schools are lucky to have fantastic arts programs, but some kids may need to find that challenge elsewhere. An arts camp is a great way to introduce a child to the arts in a whole new environment, using a variety of different tools.

Physical Fitness

Getting the recommended daily amount of exercise can be a struggle for young people. If you think summer arts camp is simply sitting around all day, you may be surprised! Here are a few ways kids can stay active at art camp:

  • Performances may involve dance routines, learning about body movement & being on your feet for longer periods of time
  • Most camps include a certain amount of recreational outdoor activity breaks
  • Games with physical activity including improv games

Being a good performer means being fit both physically and mentally. Summer arts camps strive to condition both qualities so children develop the groundwork to be confident in their craft and, generally, in life.

Meet New Friends

One of the biggest draws of camp is the opportunity to meet new friends. Shared experiences create strong bonds, so it’s no wonder many friendships made at camp are lifelong relationships. Even more introverted children may find it easier to make friends when everyone has similar interests!

Even the best of friends can run into turbulent waters. Spending the week or summer with close friends can naturally teach your child problem solving and how to resolve conflict, especially if you are performing together. Whether or not a cast or music group is getting along well, they have to learn to trust each other as the show must go on!

Helps Kids Come Out of their Shell

There is nothing wrong with being introverted or on the shy side, but even quiet children have something to say and deserve to be heard. Arts camp can bring out their more outgoing side and encourage them to use their own voice, even if it means putting paint to canvas. If drama is more their speed, some time on stage can really help draw out their true creative side and not be afraid to show it in front of others!

It’s not just on stage that kids will exhibit this newfound confidence. With confidence comes the strength and bravery to become more independent. Having independence is a quality that’s important not just in the younger years, but over a lifetime.

It’s Fun!

Finally, summer art camp is just really fun. What better way to spend some time in between school than doing something they love? They get to enjoy playing instruments, playing pretend on stage, working with paint and clay or singing all day. Plus, they get the bonus of enjoying time with other kids who love the arts; other kids just like them.

Whether your child is a budding star looking to better hone their skills, or is simply a little interested in drawing and painting, arts camp could be the perfect fit. Not only is arts camp an exceptional choice for little artists in the making, but for anyone looking to have fun, meet friends and have new experiences.

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