If the idea of spending the summer working behind a counter or stuck in the mall makes you want to scream, maybe it’s time to look at a job that includes a little fun and adventure! A summer camp job is not only exciting, but you get paid, too! Sound good? Then take a look at a few of the tips below on how to get that perfect summer camp job. It may be easier than you think.

Know Where to Look

There are lots of places online that offer job listings, including Kijiji, but always apply with your eyes open when using these types of outlets. The sites do their best to weed out the non-legit job postings, but it’s never 100%. Definitely tread those waters with care. Your best bet is to submit your resume to the USA Camp Association and keep on top of the listed jobs here. You can also always contact us if you need help in your search.

Do your Research

Before applying to any summer camp job, make sure to do your own research into the facility. A few important things to consider:

  • Do the values of the camp line up with your own beliefs?
  • Is it a properly licensed organization/facility?
  • Do you enjoy the activities you will be doing & would you be okay with the facility for the whole summer?
  • Is the location a place where you would enjoy living for a few months?

Remember, if you choose to work at a camp that you’re not really excited about, it will make the summer go by awfully slowly. Choosing a summer camp that meshes well with what you’re looking for is very important. A summer camp job is more than just a job; it’s meant to be a learning experience and an adventure.

Great Resume

There a lot of other qualified candidates out there looking for the same jobs you are, so it’s important to make a good impression right out of the gate. Make sure your resume is up to date, and contains no errors. If you can, get someone to look it over first to make sure it jumps off the page. Don’t forget the cover letter/opening email! Even if you’re applying to many different camps, take the time to personalize each one with a little paragraph about why you are choosing to apply to that particular camp. It shows initiative and interest in that place of employment.

Don’t forget to keep your social media pages looking clean and professional, and create a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already. Employers ARE looking online to see how potential candidates carry themselves outside of work, and that they exhibit the values of the camp.

Follow up with Employers

Think the process is over after the interview? Make sure to stay top-of-mind by sending out a little “Thank You” email at the end of the day. Write a brief paragraph thanking them for their time (whether in person, on Skype, or on the phone), and include any questions you may have missed in the interview (everyone gets a little nervous in job interviews!). Include again how much you would love the position and why you think you’d be a great fit for the job. Don’t make it too long – a little note can go a long way!

Persevere for the Perfect Summer Camp Job

You’re not going to get every job you apply for. Summer camp jobs are a great way to spend the summer, so they’re very popular! But never fear – persevere! Send out your resume to all the camps you think look interesting, not just one or two.

If you don’t get a job you were really hoping for, get back in touch with the hiring manager and ask what skills you need to brush up on to make you a better candidate. This will show how serious you were about the position, and put you back on their radar. Who knows what will happen down the road! Finding out why someone else was hired may also give you some insight as to what you can improve on or what skills you need to get the job next time.

USA Camp Association is the perfect place to start your summer camp job hunt! Contact us today to start getting your resume in front of the right people.